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Measuring Tools

Kapro Pipe Level Set

Model# 350

Bar Accessories

Epicureanist 18-Bottle Metal Wine Rack in Black

Model# EP-WIRE2B

Measuring Tools

Kapro Line Level

Model# 440-08

Bar Accessories

Epicureanist 27-Bottle Metal Wine Rack in Nickel

Model# EP-WIRE3N

Measuring Tools

Kapro Prolaser T-Laser T-Square

Model# 893

Measuring Tools

Kapro 24 in. Genesis Box Level with Plumb Site

Model# 781-41P-24

Measuring Tools

Kapro 3 in. Plastic Post Level Magnetic

Model# 341

Cutting Tools

Kapro 12.625 in. Straight-Cut Tin Snip

Model# 1256-41-10

Tool Accessories

Kapro Tripod Adaptor

Model# 841

Kitchen Utensils

Epicureanist Decanter Cleaning Brush

Model# EP-BRUSH002